5 Ways To Enjoy A Longer, Healthier Life

1) Move More. Be active. Ride your bike instead of driving. Walk to the store. Take the stairs at work and park at the end of the parking lot. Being active simply means building more activity into your daily life by doing what you enjoy.

2) Do Something Interesting. Spend time thinking about what you're passionate about, what seems worthwhile. Whether it's focusing on your career, helping others, raising a family, or nurturing your creativity, your days will take on more meaning.

3) Cut Calories by 20 Percent. Decide that you will eat just enough so that you are no longer hungry - not so much that you are full. By adding more high-fiber plants to your diet, you can fill up and cut calories.

4) Love and Be Loved. Having a strong social network of friends and family can enhance your sense of well-being and give you purpose. So make it a point to get together often with the ones you cherish.

5) Take Time to Down Shift. Make time to slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures-like a colorful sunset, a savory meal, or a glass of wine with a good friend. Life is short. Don't run so fast you miss it.