The New Year is coming soon and many people take this time to set new goals. If you desire to make fittness a 2012 priority you may find the following 4 fittness tips as found on Beginner Exercise helpful:
1. Walk. Yes, it sounds too easy to be true but most of us don’t walk anywhere near enough. The dog will love you, the children will be excited to have you spend time with them and you’ll get out in sun. Even if you have to take a short drive so you can take a walk in pleasant surroundings (I know that sounds a bit illogical) it’s worth it.
2. Try a sport. If you like working out with other people, take up a team sport. I’m not suggesting you train to be an elite athlete, just pick something you enjoy and have a bit of fun. Try not to get super competitive and take it all too seriously. It’s all about moderate exercise.
3. Workout at work. I’m not suggesting you sweat up a storm every lunch hour, just try some basic exercises a couple of times a week. Have a chat with your co workers and get to know them while you share a 30 minute walk a couple of times a week.
4. Chores count as exercise. Gardening and cleaning the house are really effective ways to get some moderate exercise in your day. You can burn calories raking leaves or doing the vacuuming. Not only will you get a workout but you’ll be pleased that your house and garden are nice and tidy.