Welcome to RunningPleasantHillia.com. This is a site birthed out of a desire to not only unite runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists, swimmers and health enthusiasts in Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas but also to encourage others to seek a healthier life style.
According to the 2010 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®, Iowa is #19 in the nation when it comes to being physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Our Governor proclaimed that we could do better. In fact he has set a plan to claim the #1 spot by 2016. The goal is to make Iowa the state that shows the nation the road to wellness.
What if Pleasant Hill became the town that paved the way to health for the healthiest state?
Is that too lofty? There is a growing group of individuals that do not think so. You see them everyday all over town, walking their dogs, jogging around Copper Creek, riding their bikes with their families and running up and down the hills.
As you drive around the metro over the next week ask yourself where do you see more citizens engaged in healthy activity than this little town?
We have a head start to “healthiest town”, we have a running race, a triathlon and another road race coming in 2012. That is a pretty impressive lineup for a town of our size.
We are not there yet but if we encourage each other we can get there. Becoming a road to health is not as much about making a name for Pleasant Hill as it is a commitment to ourselves and each other to live healthy.
Don’t let the name fool you! “Running Pleasant Hill IA” is not just for runners. It is a site dedicated to providing information and resources concerning mental, physical and spiritual health. It is our goal that this site would be one more step to helping Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas becoming healthier and happier. We will do that by providing running tips and area races along with link to health advice, recipes and articles on spiritual wellness.